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Book Project 


Nurturing Independentism. Movements and Parties in Secessionist Contexts.

Papers in the making

Struggling against Spectres of the Past: Nation-Building and Democratic Consolidation in

Southern Europe (With Ioannis N. Grigoriadis and José Pedro Monteiro).

The Makeover of Southern Europe. Fifty years after Portugal, Spain, and Greece's Transitions to Democracy. Introduction to Special Issue. (With Jorge M.Fernandes, Nuno Garoupa, and Sofia Vasilopoulou).

Nationalism and Secessionism. Article Commissioned by State of Nationalism (December 2023).

Affective Polarization during a Secessionist Push. Research Note (with Didac Queralt).

Stateness and Democratic Resilience: Evidence from a Conjoint Experiment in Spain (with Filip Milacic).

Is My Nation Cool Enough? Nationalism under Econmic Adversity.

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