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PLSC 463. Nationalism in the World

Nationalism is the most powerful political force in the world. It can explain why countries come together and why countries come apart. National identity can also explain why people praise and trust those who belong to the nation and despise and distrust those who do not. This course introduces students to the study of nationalist thought and practice more


PLSC 410. Political Protests

The Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Protests, the October Rebellion in Chile, the Never Again movement, the #MeToo Movement, Black Lives Matter, the Arab Spring in Tunisia and Egypt, the Indignados Movement in Spain and Occupy Wall Street are only a few examples of well-known political protests that occurred over the past decade. The Guardian defined the 2010s as the “decade of protest”, and 2019 capped this decade with an upsurge of protests all over the world. In 2020, amidst the Covid-19 crisis, the world is witnessing big protests: e.g. anti-lockdown protests, protests to condemn George Floyd killing, protests in Hong Kong...more

PLSC 437. The Politics of Ethnic and National Identity

Social identities matter because they inform our political preferences and views, and the way we behave politically. Two of the most salient social identities in our societies are ethnic and national identities. In ethnically homogeneous nations, these two identities are bound together. However, most nations today are made up of multiple ethnic groups (e.g. US), while some other ethnic groups spread across multiple nations (e.g. Kurds). One way or another, ethnic and national identity are not equivalent, and this may have sizeable political consequences more

PLSC 367. Contemporary Spanish Politics


Spanish democracy has been in turmoil since the 2008 economic crisis. The economic crisis was followed by a deep institutional and political crisis. Between 2015 and 2019, Spanish citizens have been called to participate in four general elections. Ideological polarization has increased, electoral and party volatility has skyrocketed, the territorial conflict has intensified, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly have been curtailed, and a radical right-wing party, Vox, has become the third large party in the parliament after the November 2019 elections more

PLSC 345. Introduction to Research Design

This course analyses the principles of research design in political science and introduces different types of research designs. The general goal of the course is to provide students with the essential tools to critically assess, and produce high-quality research in political science more 


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