Present Courses

PLSC 345 Introduction to Research Design

This course analyses the principles of research design in political science and introduces different types of research designs. The general goal of the course is to provide students with the essential tools to critically assess, and produce high-quality research in political science more 


PLSC 437 The Politics of Ethnic and National Identity

Social identities matter because they inform our political preferences and views, and the way we behave politically. Two of the most salient social identities in our societies are ethnic and national identities. In ethnically homogeneous nations, these two identities are bound together. However, most nations today are made up of multiple ethnic groups (e.g. US), while some other ethnic groups spread across multiple nations (e.g. Kurds). One way or another, ethnic and national identity are not equivalent, and this may have sizeable political consequences more


PLSC 410. Political Protests


The 2017 Women’s March, Black Lives Matter, the Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong, the Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, or the anti-WTO mobilization in Seattle in 1999 are only a few examples of well-known political protests. Political protests require that individuals coordinate and engage in collective action, but coordination is a difficult endeavor. Under which conditions do individuals coordinate and start protest actions? What does it favor participation in protests? Under which conditions can protests succeed? more


PLSC 367. Contemporary Spanish Politics


Since the 2008 economic crisis started, Spanish democracy has been in turmoil.  Gone are the times when two large political parties, the Socialist Party (PSOE, Partido Socialista Obrero Español) and the conservative PP (Partido Popular) occupied a dominant position in the Spanish parliament. The economic crisis helped Podemos and Ciudadanos to gain momentum. Today, the two parties are essential to sustain parliamentary majorities at the local, regional, and central levels of government more